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Feb 162012

Excess fat in the body, especially in the stomach area results from lack of exercise and eating too much. By taking right actions, we can reduce the stomach fat, as well total body fat.

What is Metamucil?

[easyazon-link asin=”B0013I1H9G”]Metamucil[/easyazon-link] is a supplement, rich in fiber and made from the husks (outer coverings) of psyllium seeds. Metamucil supplement is supposed to be taken by mixing its recommended dosage with water to reduce blood cholesterol and improve digestion. Metamucil is also very helpful to prevent constipation.

Metamucil supplement is rich in fiber and low in calories, and this helps us to lose weight, although, it is not used or prescribed as a treatment for obesity. Consult your doctor before making Metamucil as a part of your weight loss plan.

Metamucil weight loss diet plan

Controlling your weight requires that a person to reduce the number of calories consumed. By taking Metamucil 30 minutes prior to meals will make the person feel full faster, and for a longer time. This will reduce the tendency to overeat that will reduce the number of calories consumed. The Metamucil psyllium fiber may also regulate the blood sugar levels and can decrease the craving between meals.

A proper weight loss plan can be made after consulting with your dietician, to include necessary protein, nutrients and minerals.

Nutritional structure of Metamucil

Fiber: Metamucil is rich in dietary fiber that helps to regulate bowel movements, prevent constipation, promote digestive health and manage the cholesterol levels. Dietary fiber in Metamucil also stimulates the feelings of satiety, so that the person does not feel hungry often, this is very good for weight loss.

Calories: This supplement is good for dieting as it is low in calories.

Sugar: Powder comes in two types: regular and sugar free. The sugar free version is very lightly sweetened with aspartame (synthetic sweetener) to better its taste without extra calories. Metamucil weight loss can be carried out with the sugar free version.

Fat: It is fat-free and hence including this in your weight loss plan is beneficial.


Additional information

Metamucil powder swells up when mixed with liquid. It is thus important to mix this supplement with proper amounts of fluid to prevent choking. Also, do not take Metamucil in case you have trouble swallowing or have kidney disease.

If you decide that Metamucil weight loss is right for you – you can go ahead and talk to physician about this option.

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