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Oct 012011

How to get lowest calorie alcohol shots 

Look for sodas in shots. Ask bartender to use diet Pepsi or zero calories Coca-Cola or other soda drinks instead of regular ones. Zero calorie drinks have ZERO calories.

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Golden rule of lowest calories alcohol

When counting calories in alcohol shots, bare in mind that one shot is usually an ounce and a half (1,5 oz), that is  45 grams.

Bacardi and diet coke  – 100 calories per shot

Rolling Rock light beer – 83 cal

Beck’s Premium Light Beer – 64 calories

Unsweetened Ice Tea with Bacardi Raz – 100 calories

Japanese Sake – 60 calories in one serving

Bloody Mary’s with Low Sodium Tomato Juice contain 100 calories per shot

Be aware that not only do shots boost calories, they also have an impact on your inhibitions. That means that your can start feeling hunger or you’ll just suddenly find yourself snacking on leftover crackers, pizza, nuts, or whatever left on the table.


Yep, it can be hard keeping track of calories drinking shots in the club.

If you still have doubts what is the lowest calorie alcohol shots  – just take plain vodka! 40% alcohol is the most common type of vodka and it has 100 calories per one shot of 1.5 oz (45 grams).

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