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Ideal Body Fat Percentage for Males and Females


What is Body Fat Percentage
Many people all over the world ask themselves an important question, How much should I weigh? People are dieting and exercising, trying to maintain healthy weight and achieve ideal body weight percentage.
The Calorie Counter offers you FREE Body fat percentage calculator helps to keep track on how much weight you lost or gain and how your weight is from Ideal Body Weight Percentage Number.
The measuring method for Body Weight Percentage was invented by physicians especially for The US Navy. Body Weight Calculator uses Height and Circumference method. This method was invented to measure percentage of your body fat.
Ideal body weight calculator is the simplest and fastest method for estimating your body fat percentage. The U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army also rely on this method. To pass this test all you need is a measuring tape. After taking the careful and necessary measurements, calculator calculates percentage of body fat .
So go ahead, measure yourself, enter all data to the body weight calculator below, choose your sex and weight and find out your body weight percentage.

Have you even wondered is there is an ideal body weight that everybody should try to achieve? Well, yes and no. YES because there is such a calculator that calculates Ideal Body Weight Percentage. And NO because every Ideal body weight number is unique for each person.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

Metric Body Fat Percentage

Ideal Body Weight

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