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Sep 302011

Elliptical Calories BurnedAn elliptical trainer is a machine that is a combination of the treadmill, ski machine and a stepping machine. It imitates walking, running, climbing without putting stress on joints. Elliptical exercises can vary from light to high intensity based on the resistance preference set.

  • Calories burned on elliptical trainer are almost the same to that on a treadmill.

30 minutes on elliptical trainer burn approximately 300 calories, and body continues to burn calories at for some time afterwards. It tones the entire body, which makes it look leaner.

By moving forward on the machine we work leg muscles:

– Quadriceps (the muscles on the front of our thighs)

– Gluteal muscles (our butt muscles)

How to burn more calories on elliptical

  • Elliptical gives all the cardio-aerobics benefits and helps burning calories fast.
  • Slightly more calories burned by going in reverse on elliptical, but it’s still not enough to justify the potential pressure put on the knees.
  • Getting your balance on an elliptical machine can be a difficult at first. But note that you’ll burn more calories if you let go of the handles than if you’ll be hanging on. Hands-free position also helps achieve better posture.

Is elliptical calories burned accurate

If you are not sure whether your elliptical machine shows you right amount of calories burned, I would recommend researching and buying a good heart rate monitor. They go as a watch or a chest-strap. Body heart rate monitors usually much more accurate measuring elliptical calories burned than the calculators included to elliptical and treadmills.

elliptical machine calories burned

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  1. Calories are the only measure your body cares about, and it’s aullacty a very good idea to include a lot of fruits and vegetables which are low-calorie but big on bulk to help fill you up while on a calorie reduced diet. Don’t depend too much on the sugar-free/fat-free foods though they’re often loaded with chemicals and keep you craving the sweets. It’s best to just reduce the amount of sweet/junky food from your diet so you stop craving it so much.

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