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Sep 232011

How many calories do you burn lifting weights

When people are asking question: “How much I need to lift weights to lose weight?”
The right answer is: “To lose weight you need to run (or do other cardio)!”

The main goal of lift weighting is to gain muscle mass.

I wanted to remind you that so when I will tell you how many calories burned lifting weights, you will take it serious.

On average moderate weight lifting burn 115 calories per 30 minutes of exercises. That is 230 calories burned per 1 hour. How many?! That is like calories burned doing yoga.

Vigorous lift weighting burn 225 calories per 30 minutes on average. That is 450 calories burned hardcore weight lifting.

Average data based on the body weight of 70 kilos (155 pounds).

Interesting thing about weight lifting and calories is that it gives you a metabolic boost which lasts for approximately an hour after weight lifting workout. During that period, your body keeps working burning calories even when you are out of the gym already.

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