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Sep 232011

Calories burned kayaking and canoeing

Calories burned kayaking

Kayaking and canoeing are known as paddling. Kayaking is different from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler with the paddle’s blades.

Kayaking requires the coordinated use of many muscles, including upper body, abdominal region, hips and legs. How many calories you burn depends on how big you are and what type of kayaking you do.

Kayaking burns 350 calories per hour on average, assuming a body weight of: 70 kg or 155 pounds
The more you weight, the more calories burn.

When it comes to measuring the amount of calories burned kayaking, weather conditions and your speed are very important factors.

Fishing kayaking, light touring and day tripping usually conciser as a lightest kayaking exercises.

Whitewater kayaking, creek kayaking involves taking a kayak down waterfalls and rapids. Sea and ocean kayaking upstream involves resistance to the water that requires applying a lot of strength. If you are doing super extreme kayaking you can expect burn about 500 kcal on average.

If you combine kayaking with diving, swimming or other activities, be sure to subtract even more calories.

Calories burned canoeing

How many calories burned canoeing also depends on how tough an exercise is. The amount of calories burned canoeing is usually about the same as kayaking.

Please refer to the chart below to determine average amount of calories:

Calories Burned canoeing for an hour:

Very light canoeing – moving along the water with slight force apply – up to 290 calories on average
Light canoeing – calories burn up to 345 kcal
Portaging canoe meaning caring for one hour burn up to 603 kcal, depends on the weight of canoe and your speed
Canoe rowing with the speed of 2 – less than 4 mph with the light effort burn up to 260 kcal on average
Rowing with the speed of 4 to 6 mph conciser moderate effort exercise, burned 600 calories
Canoeing with the speed of 6 mph for one hour burn up to 1000 calories (wow)
Canoeing in competition – about 1000 calories as well

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