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Sep 242011

How many calories burn dancing

Calories Burned DancingThe amount of calories burned when dancing depend on how fast the dance is. The more moves you do – more weight you lose.

Here is the chart of calories burn dancing, on average:

Calories burn dancing aerobic, ballet, tango, step dancing, polka, contra, country = 405 calories per hour

Slow dancing in ballroom, waltz, foxtrot = burn 207 calories per hour

Fast ballroom dances as swing, greek, middle eastern, hula, flamenco, belly dancing, and swing dancing = 378 calories burned per hour

Fast dancing in club or hip-hop burn = 465 calories per hour

Calories burned dancing at a club = 465 calories for an hour

Calories burned playing Just Dance 2 Wii is about about 250 – 300 an hour on average

Just Dance Mild Program – 300 points a day is about 72 calories
Just Dance  Tough Program – 1000 points a day is about 238 calories
Just Dance Intense Program – 2000 points a day is about 476 calories

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