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Sep 302011

Cycling calories burned

Calories Burned Cycling Per MileCycling is an ideal exercise to lose weight, build leg muscles and get you in shape quickly.
Riding at a moderate speed (12 – 14 mph / 20- 22 km per hour) you will burn approximately 235 calories per half hour (30 minutes). Cycling

Cycling and weight loss

How to burn more calories cycling

    • Have daily rides for about one hour
    • Hop off the car and use bike everywhere its possible: going to and from work, run quick errands, go visit a friend, just cycle around neighborhood
    • If you can’t schedule regular rides each day than take longer few hours rides for few times a week. Look how you’ll burn a pound each week
    • Eating healthy nutritious low-calorie food is essential to lose weight even if you are exercising. Combine regular cycling and healthy eating and watch how fast you’ll lose excessive weight and burn calories cycling

Calories burned cycling per mile

You can find out how many calories burned per hour into calories burned cycling per mile by dividing the number of miles into the calories burned. On average, you burn 36 calories cycling for mile.
One mile is equal 1.6 km.

Calories burned cycling formula

Calories/hr = [V*W(.0053 + %G/100) + .0083(V^3)]*7.2
Watts = [V*W(.0053 + %G/100) + .0083(V^3)]*2

Where V is speed, W is bike + rider weight in pounds., and %G is grade in percent. The factors here (0.0053 for friction + rolling resistance and 0.0083 for aerodynamic drag) are not absolute but average.

Calories burned cycling 15 mph and calories burned road cycling
Riding with a speed with 15 mph is considered vigorous cycling. When you bicycle 14 to 15.9 mph, you burn 44 to 61 calories per mile on average. Longer rides with a lot of climbing burn about the same amount of calories.

Calories burned cycling 20 mph
Bicycling with 20 mph is a racing. Racing cycling burn 45-65 calories per mile, depends on your weight. The more your weight is – the more calories burned.

Calories burned stationary cycling
Stationary cycling considered a very light type of cycling with a speed of 10 mph. Stationary cycling sessions will burn 30-50 calories per mile on average. Stationary bicycling is good as a light exercise but has low impact on leg muscles building. If your goal is to get your legs in shape, than you should consider taking spinning classes.

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