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Sep 212011

Lowest calorie sushi

What are the lowest calorie sushi options?

The lowest calorie sushi option is vegetable sushi. So if you are on a diet – go for cucumber and avocado sushi. And the good news – usually they are less expensive too.

Full list of calories in sushi 

Here is the list of sushi that have less calories.

Lowest Calories Sushi Rolls (calories per entire roll)
Picture of sushi roll

Roll Name

Calories per roll Fat grams per roll Total Carb grams per roll Fiber grams per roll Protein grams per roll
Avocado Roll is lowest calorie sushi option

Avocado Roll

140 kcal 5.7 28 5.8 2.1
Lowest calorie California roll

California Roll

255 kcal 7.0 38 5.8 9.0
Cucumber Roll has less calories

Kappa Maki cucumber sushi roll

136 kcal 0.0 30 3.5 6.0

Tuna (Maguro) Roll

184 kcal 2.0 27 3.5 24

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