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Feb 262012

Weight Loss ShotsWeight loss shots refer to the weight loss injections given intravenously, that are supposed to cause weight loss to the person being administered with it.

It works well when combined with suitable exercises. Typical shots are of the following types.


HCG is a hormone that has different effects on the human body by the way of:
· Reduce weight: HCG shots can prove effective in losing weight, if combined with a low calorie diet, though this procedure has been not been approved by the FDA. It is believed that it affects the hypothalamus gland, causing loss of fat tissues in the body.
· Fertility: When HCG shots are administered on men, it enhances the production of testosterone. When given to women, it simulates the ovary to produce eggs.


Slim shots are available in the market as a liquid supplement to control the appetite. It is claimed by manufacturers that it alleviates hunger for about 8 hours, and uses only natural ingredients in its preparation. Slim shots contain Palm oil, Natural Oat oil, Aspartame (an artificial sweetener) and Beta-carotene color.

Slim shots are believed to make the person feel full, which helps to control over the eating habits. The “good fats” from the palm oil and the fiber from the oat oil are accredited for this affect. Slim shots will give best results when users plan with a workout routine incorporated with strength training and aerobic exercises.

Side effects of slim shots: Slim Shots contain aspartame that can have bad effects on people with certain diseases like diabetes. Woman should avoid this during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


B12 actually refers to vitamin B-12 (or cobalamin) in the vitamin B-complex family. This vitamin is not easily absorbed by humans, and many people become deficient of this vitamin. Consumption of green vegetables like spinach and broccoli increases the absorption rate. It is found in dairy products, eggs and meat.

Vitamin-B12 aids to produce red blood cells and is required for healthy nerves. It is used to boost energy and in weight loss programs, and often to treat people with anemia, skin diseases and reduce stress.
B12 shots are made to increase our metabolism, and actually weight loss comes as a side effect of these injections. With the combination of proper weight loss regimens and regular Vitamin-B12 shots, people have reported quicker weight loss.

B12 shots may be very effective for obese and overweight people. Vitamin-B12 is essential for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, as it thins the blood, preventing blood clot that can cause a stroke. As vitamin-B12 shots boost up the metabolism, it effectively reduces the body fat, and may lower the cholesterol levels with adequate exercise.
It has also become the preferred choice of athletes, who want to keep their weight under control, with a boost up in their energy levels.


Lipotropic injections are administered to people as a treatment for burning fat in the body. In areas of the body, where the fat typically accumulates, like neck, stomach, inner thighs, hips and buttocks lipotropic injections prove very useful to dissolve the excessive fat. Lipotropic injections help to dissolve the body fat by increasing the rate of metabolism.
A combination of vitamin-B6 and vitamin-B12 injections may be given in a lipotropic injection.

The contents of the lipotropic injection stimulate the liver and optimize the metabolism process. These injections are only temporarily effective, and as soon as the effects of these drugs wear out, the body starts to return back gradually to its normal state.

Side effects include depression, kidney/urinary, and digestive problems like diarrhea.

Note: B12 and lipotropics are biochemically very similar, and often they are used together in intravenous form, as it is believed to amplify each other’s effects.

For example, vitamin B-12 helps raise the metabolism; and choline, that is very similar to B-12 vitamin, it helps to release and burn fat from the liver.  Now that you know what options for weight loss injections are available, it is much easier my make a wise decision. Make sure you talk to your physician about this.

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