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Sep 202011

To determine the number of suggested calories that you should be getting, first start with where you are. Start with how many calories it takes to maintain your present size and then start to reduce your calories from there. You can find out this in many ways. Most people simply choose a number like 1200 calories and that’s what they eat, but in most of the cases that’s not nearly enough calories to ensure enough nutrition to stay healthy.
Remember, your body requires calories to maintain itself.

Here are suggestions on basic calorie requirements calculations based on the level of activity:
Sedentary (not exercising at all): 13 X Weight (in pounds) = Average calories per day
Moderately Active: 16 X Weight = Suggested average calories per day
Moderately Active is exercising approximately 3-4 times per week
Very Active: 19 X Weight = Average calories per day
Very Active is 5-7 strenuous exercise sessions per week.
If you weight over 200 pounds now, and you’d like weight closer to 150, here is a calculation you could use to get started: Assuming you are going to be adding enough exercise to quality as Moderately Active, we’ll use 16 as our modifier:
150 pounds X 16 calories per pound = 2400 calories
Less 500 (Using the common 500 calories per day reduction) gives us a total of 1900 average calories per day
If you started to incorporate a plan that allowed an average of 1900 calories every day, you’d start to lose weight. The mistake most people make is to reduce calories too much. It’s better in the long run to go slowly, keeping as much muscle as possible while burning calories via exercise.

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