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Sep 302011

How many calories do jumping jacks burn

Jumping jacks is a quick and easy way to burn calories. This exercise can be done as routine as well as a warm-up before workout.

Jumping jack is a basic exercise that begins with the feet together and hands down by the side. Your next move is to jump, making your feet come apart and hands come together.

Power jumping jacks exercise based on the same moves but instead of staying straight you are jumping and landing on your feet “half sitting”. Do 3-7 reps.

So how many calories do I burn doing jumping jacks?

30 minutes of jumping jacks burn 274 calories on average

30 minutes of vigorous power jumping jacks burn 315 calories

Jumping jacks calories burned per minute

Jumping jacks burn 10 calories a minute from exercise.

By the way, World Guinness record for the most jumping jacks in a minute is 77. Why not to try to brake it and lose weight burning Jumping jacks calories.

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