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Mar 072012

Drinking responsibly is part of being an adult and being a respectable person. There is a reason that you don’t see beer pong tables in classy bars. That being said, drinking responsibly means more than just avoiding the dangers of drunkenness. Small amounts of alcohol can actually be beneficial, but moderation is key. You may be surprised how many calories are in that pumpkin pie martini. It’s time to think about what you are drinking and what kind of impact it is having on your body and I am not talking about your liver. But, that matters too.

Drinking Beer and Calories Intake

The first thing you should avoid is anything made with cream. I know that it is delicious, but you wouldn’t drink straight cream at any other time during the day so why does adding some Kahlua and vodka make it okay? You are still consuming cream, plus the calories from the sugar in the Kahlua and the calories from the vodka. In 1.4 fl ounces of vodka there are over 100 calories. In a white Russian that has been prepared by the books, there are 257 calories. That’s in one drink and you know that most bars actually give you more than a standard drink. If I drink three of those I am consuming a third of my total calorie intake for the day.
The next big culprit is cheap beer. It may taste light and refreshing but it is laden with calories and carbohydrates that you can’t taste. One round at the beer pong tables, the way college kids play, and you’ll consume somewhere around 600 calories. While it may be a fun night or uproarious laughter and shenanigans with your friends, this can quickly turn into a weekend worth of calories and carbs getting consumed in one night. That is going to take a surprising amount of exercise to burn off.

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