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Sep 252011

Daily Calorie Need

This calorie calculator will give you the amount calories you need daily. Based on your weight, height, age, activity level and whether you are male or female, you can find out how many calories you body need to maintain weight.
With this number in mind you’ll just have to follow the simple rule – more calories you take – more weight you gain.
So if you are on a diet, try eating not more than your daily calorie need level.

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  1. Well most fibre is of course not cumosned as it’s juicing only, but in my case I had very little fibre and a heck of a lot of other bad stuff going in before the juice fast, so this is a lot better overall. Juicing would probably not be a long term strategy by itself, thats why I am only doing it for 56 days then moving to a largely fruit and vegetable diet so I get the fibre as well. Stools are fine thanks for asking Different people have different experiences. For me.. ok

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