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Sep 232011

Calories burned using heart rate Heart rate based calorie burn (caloric expenditure) calculators provides an estimate of the rate at which people burn calories during cardio exercises, based on their average heart rate while performing the activity. It may seem like manufacturers are always hiding the real formula behind calories burned from heart rate. Here […]

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Sep 232011

How many calories do you burn lifting weights When people are asking question: “How much I need to lift weights to lose weight?” The right answer is: “To lose weight you need to run (or do other cardio)!” The main goal of lift weighting is to gain muscle mass. I wanted to remind you that […]

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Sep 232011

Calories burned kayaking and canoeing Calories burned kayaking Kayaking and canoeing are known as paddling. Kayaking is different from canoeing by the sitting position of the paddler with the paddle’s blades. Kayaking requires the coordinated use of many muscles, including upper body, abdominal region, hips and legs. How many calories you burn depends on how […]

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Sep 182011

Zumba Calorie Counter As a person who are thinking to lose weight with Zumba or as a Zumba instructor you need to know how many calories burned Zumba during each class. Zumba is a fun workout and a great alternative to boot camp methods of working out. Instead of running in gym or doing fitness, […]

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Sep 182011

Walking burn calories Walking is the best and the most common activity to start when need to lose weight. When you think about calories burned walking, remember the chart of the calories below. Calories burned based mainly on your weight, the speed you are walking and how long you walk for. Remember that people with […]

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Sep 182011

Calories burned yoga Yoga may seem not the hardest workout. It does not build muscles like weight lifting does, does not burn calories as running does… With all that being said, yoga is not the easiest workout which makes it great exercise to burn calories. The amount of yoga calories burned depends on the types […]

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Sep 172011

Calories Burned Daily A lot of people ask questions about average calories burned in a day. Unfortunately most of us don’t have time to work out every day or even every other day. But the good news to know is that even small activities that we perform on a daily basis, still burn calories. Daily tasks burn […]

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