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Sep 212012
Resting Metabolic Rate - RMR calculator

What You Need To Know About Resting Metabolic Rate Our bodies use energy even when we are doing absolutely nothing. The resting metabolic rate defined as the minimum number of calories that the body needs to support basic physiological functions namely breathing , blood circulation among others. All these functions are essential for you to […]

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Sep 252011

Daily Calorie Need This calorie calculator will give you the amount calories you need daily. Based on your weight, height, age, activity level and whether you are male or female, you can find out how many calories you body need to maintain weight. With this number in mind you’ll just have to follow the simple […]

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Sep 202011

To determine the number of suggested calories that you should be getting, first start with where you are. Start with how many calories it takes to maintain your present size and then start to reduce your calories from there. You can find out this in many ways. Most people simply choose a number like 1200 […]

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Sep 192011

Lean Body Mass Calculator determines what is the weight of yours would be if you would not have any fat. Of course, having no fat at all is not possible. In fact, if you would not have any fat, you would probably die. So Lean Body Mass Calculator basically needed to measure approximate numbers of […]

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