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Sep 172011

Banana calories

The calories (kcal) in a banana comes with carbohydrates. The composition of the calories in carbohydrates is changing with the age and ripening of banana. The sugar levels rise as banana ripens and off the tree. That means that as bananas gain more color and ripen, it’s easier for human body to digest it. The protein calories in a fruit only make about 1% of total calorie content of a banana.

Sizes of banana Weight Calories
Small banana (less than 6″ inches) 80 grams 72 kcal
Medium (less than 7″ inches) 101 grams 90 kcal
Average (less than 8″ inches) 118 grams 105 kcal
Large (less than nine inches) 136 grams 121 kcal

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