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Sep 182011

Walking burn calories

Walking is the best and the most common activity to start when need to lose weight. When you think about calories burned walking, remember the chart of the calories below. Calories burned based mainly on your weight, the speed you are walking and how long you walk for.

Remember that people with more weight will lose more calories than people who weight less. Putting in a few different values gives the calories burned walking as follows:

Calories Burned Walking for 30 Minutes

Your Weight Walking 3mph Walking 4mph Walking 5mph




















Calories Burned Walking for One Hour

Your Weight Walking 3mph Walking 4mph Walking 5mph
120lb 180 Calories 272 Calories 435 Calories
160lb 239 Calories 363 Calories 581 Calories
200lb 299 Calories 454 Calories 726 Calories
250lb 374 Calories 567 Calories 907 Calories
300lb 449 Calories 680 Calories 1089 Calories

Calories burned walking calculator

So what’s the formula hidden behind calories walking calculations?

Use the calorie counter formula below to determine your calorie burn while walking. Calculations measure calories burned, minus basal metabolism. Famous scientists have proved that this is the best way to determine the actual calorie burned of any exercise.

Calories burned walking formula applies to speeds of 3 to 4 mph. At 5 mph and faster, walking burns even more fat than running or jogging!

Your Total Calorie Burn per MileWalking speed 3-4 mph Your Net Calorie Burn per MileWalking speed 3-4 mph
0.53 x your weight 0.30 x your weight

How many calories burned walking

Also there are times when we lose more calories walking in particular conditions.
– Calories burned Walking Downhill for an hour with 2.5 Mph will burn 196 calories
– Calories burned with Walking 3.5 Mph Uphill for one hour will burn you twice as much!
– Walk uphill for one hour and you’ll likely lose 420 calories
– Ever wondered, how much calories you burned walking in the park during office brake?

It’s 245 calories per hour on average

The calories calculator below measures how many calories burned walking and doing other activities. It asks the amount of time you exercise and gives you back the result of the amount of calories you would lose on average walking or performing other activity.

Using calories burned exercise chart, you can check calories burned from a list of different activities.

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