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Sep 242011

Does standing burn calories

Surprisingly, standing burn calories too!

What is more unusual is that men intend to burn more calories standing than women. Without even doing anything for it!

So an average woman burns 1.5 calories each minute standing still, but an average guy 1.6 calories!

Burn calories standing in line

So if it happends that you have to stay in line for airplane tickets or waiting for a bus, don’t worry that you are not exercising! You still burn calories while standing.
Standing for one hour will burn you 100 calories if your weight is about 120 pounds (55 kilos)
If your weight is 150 pounds (68 kg) than you’ll get rid of 125 calories.
And with weight of 200 lbs (90 kg) you got score burning 150 calories standing!

Calories burned standing vs sitting

Quiet sitting burns less calories than standing still.

How to burn more calories standing!

To burn even more calories – don’t stand still! Here are some tips to make your standing more fun and more useful

– Just move. Yep, it’s a simple tip.
– Talk. Standing and talking burn 46 additional calories per hour
– Listen music on your iPod and tap with your feet. Listening music itself will not burn you calories but moving your feet will!

Calories burned standing 8 hours

Standing still for 8 hours burn anything from 800 calories 1200 calories.

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