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Sep 172011

Calories Burned Daily

A lot of people ask questions about average calories burned in a day. Unfortunately most of us don’t have time to work out every day or even every other day. But the good news to know is that even small activities that we perform on a daily basis, still burn calories. Daily tasks burn calories while we’re doing them!

To determine the average amount of calories burned in a day, let’s take as example regular person on an average working day. Let’s name our example person Kelly.

Kelly is an accountant and she works in the office. Kelly’s working day starts at 8 am when she wakes up. As soon as she wakes up her body start to burn calories.
List of activities Kelly performs on an average day will help us to determine how many calories burned daily.

1. Calories burned grooming: Brushing teeth, washing face, applying make and wearing clothes and shoes took her 30 minutes – 70 calories burned on average

2. Driving a car to work in rush hour traffic for 30 minutes… Amount of calories burned driving – 34 calories per half of hour

3. Calories burned on a computer in the office for 4 hours equals 102 calories per hour or 408 calories total

4. Walking in the park with a friend for 30 minutes during launch break burn 90 calories

5. Work on a computer in the office for another 3 hours burn 306 calories on average

6. Burn calories driving a car back home for 30 minutes in rush hour traffic – 34 calories

7. Loosing calories while making dinner for 45 minutes… Cooking burn calories too! It’s 104 calories burned!

8. Average amount of calories burned watching TV for 2 hours (without snacking!) equals 144

CALORIES BURNED TOTAL: So what we have here is the amount of average calories burned in a day equals to 1190 calories on average.

Scientists calculated that the amount of average calories burned in a day is about 1000 calories with no exercising.

TIP:  In order to reduce weight, person needs to intake the same amount of calories person burns.

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