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Apr 122012

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a process that is primarily aimed to treat disorders of the body by inserting very thin needles into the skin at certain points where the “flow of energy” is considered to be obstructed. The line of acupuncture points is called “meridian”, which can be understood as a pathway in the body, along which the energy of the body is believed to flow, and the needles are inserted upon certain points in this line of meridian.

Acupuncture For Weight Loss

AcupunctureMay people get overweight, and suffer from obesity, which can lead to many health conditions like osteoporosis, heart problems etc. To reduce the weight, a person may opt for different methods including exercise, drugs, and natural supplements. Some people, like patients of osteoporosis or bone problems, may face difficulty in exercising, while drugs can have dangerous side-effects.

It is a method to obtain meaningful weight loss. Many people suffer feelings with increased levels of stress, lack of energy and difficulty in coping with the pain that comes with initially starting up exercise. It may help to control weight, increase energy levels, thus providing the motivation to exercise more. It may also alleviate the muscular pain that comes when starting exercise initially.

Acupuncture has found to be beneficial not only to control weight, but also to control the cholesterol levels by targeting certain “energy points” of the body. People may greatly benefit, if the acupuncture process if combined with a proper diet, especially meant for weight loss. It has also been observed that the people who receive acupuncture get a decrease in their LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Acupuncture points for weight loss

Weight Loss AcupunctureWhen carried out for weight loss, acupuncture points along the ear are generally tapped, which are also used for general detoxification of the body. The acupuncturist places five needles in each ear. One needle is used for relaxation, and other four for specific organs of body, lungs, kidneys, liver and the nervous system. As the treatment is started, the body produces endorphins, which makes the person feel good. Endorphins help to suppress the craving of food by the body, thus reducing the person’s appetite. It also helps to fight with the withdrawal symptoms, if the weight is caused by drug abuse including smoking and alcohol.




The body parts that are targeted with the needles are :

  • Mouth – for an impulsive eater/habitual or chain smoker
  • Lungs – for cravings of certain food or heavy eating
  • Stomach – for obesity (or overeating after full stomach)
  • Endocrine – for weight gain due to water retention
  • Spleen – for sugar and hormone imbalances.
  • Kidney – for nervous system and water retention.
  • Thyroid – for slow metabolism.

Along with acupuncture, abdominal massage and exercise is also carried out to improve the digestion and the absorption of food, and the muscle contractions involved in the transport of food in the body (peristalsis of the intestines). Deep breathing and “belly breathing” are also used as a tool to curb the craving for food, and reduce hunger.

This method is intended for weight loss is an art that takes years to acquire perfection, and a person seeking weight loss through acupuncture should look for an acupuncturist, well experienced in the field of weight management.

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